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Link Befriending

The Adult Projects

East Fife and Levenmouth Mental Health Befriending Projects

LINK aims to help people who have become lonely or isolated due to a mental health problem. The Project supports adults, 18 - 65 year olds, in the East Fife and Levenmouth area who are already known to a Key Worker, but who would benefit from additional support to use ordinary community resources and facilities.


A befriender can complement the service already being provided and should not be seen as a second best option or in any way replacing formal systems of support.

Benefits of being befriended:


  • companionship

  • increased self-esteem and confidence

  • increased social opportunities

  • more structure to the week

  • extra emotional support when trying something new, or potentially stressful.
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Senga Smith, Project Manager

Senga Smith, Project Manager

 Scottish Charity No SC027493 
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